6/10/15, 2:10 PM PST

Updated the Reroll button to allow rolling either T/CT side (strats usable for both are included).

5/30/15, 2:30 AM PST

Now accepting strats for Operation Bloodhound maps, as well as Italy, Militia, Assault, and Dust! All compettive maps have now been added.

Also, we're currently setting up, so feel free to subscribe for future updates!

5/21/15, 9:00 AM PST

By request, we are now accepting strats for Office, Vertigo, and Aztec!

If you would like to see any other maps added, let us know!

5/19/15, 11:50 PM PST

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, have been finishing up school and been traveling a lot. I have also been adding some strats as they are submitted to me, so check the Strat List to see if yours made the list!

Strats can now be highlighted and copied from the map page.

A lot of YouTubers and streamers have also been making great StratRoulette videos! Check them out in this playlist. I update it constantly, and if you want your video added just link it to me via the Contact page.

4/13/15, 06:00 PM PST

Main page now runs off of MySQL db instead of downloading a .js file containing strats in text. Strats are now synced between the strat list and the main page.

4/10/15, 08:20 PM PST

Added a contact form and page for easier communication and changed the Donate page to Contact.

4/9/15, 02:00 AM PST

Stopped the "Reroll" button from shifting every time.

4/8/15, 02:45 PM PST

Starting the quest that is language support!

Fixed grammar and standardized punctuation in the strat list. Sitting at 190+ strats, post-pruning!

4/8/15, 04:30 AM PST

New Strat List page! Filters to come soon.

Finished MySQL db, will convert Maps page soon and retire my janky js script.

4/7/15, 9:30 AM PST

After a long-ish hiatus, finally had the chance to push a few small changes. Back to work!

Pruned the strat list a little and added some new submissions.

Shoutout to /u/Cripply and his crew for the great video about their StratRoulette experience, and for the exposure!

3/25/15, 01:00 PM PST

Strat List mostly finished for now, finished adding reddit submissions. Over 170 strats total! Big thanks to everyone who has contributed!

3/25/15, 11:15 AM PST

Changed site font to Raleway (thanks /u/Jamiew_CS! ).

3/25/15, 01:00 AM PST

Added "Updates", "FAQ", and "Donate" pages.

3/24/15, 09:55 PM PST

Added "Strat List" page by embedding pastebin, will change in future update.

3/24/15, 10:00 AM PST

Added "Reroll" functionality (thanks /u/a_sdf! ).

Features in Progress